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Hair Brushing in the morning

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~ Your Sacred Ritual ~

  • To get started, pour a little bit of our Prema White Body Oil in your palms and with every breath you take, allow the fresh scent to flow through your whole body, repeating your mantra: “I feel purified and refreshed in mind, body, and spirit.” for 1-2 minutes.

  • Next, gently stroke your hair a few times - with the oil in your palms - to cleanse and purify your aura.

  • Now stand with your legs apart and slowly use your pelvis to bend over. Let your arms relax and hang in your shoulder joint. Relax your head, your jaws, your tongue and gently stretch the back of your legs. Take a few deep breaths, enjoying the stretch and the relaxation. On every exhale, allow yourself to bend a little lower, if it feels good.

  • Take your Lakshmi Hairbrush (ideally you prepare for the ritual by placing it next to you on the floor in advance) and start brushing your hair from the hairline on the back of your neck to the front.

  • In this manner, slowly and with even pressure, keep drawing the brush through your hair, from back to front. Take your time for every stroke. Find your own rhythm. Consciously let go of last night, brush it out of your hair and open yourself up to the new day ahead.

  • If you feel a little resistance, bring the brush back to your hairline and continue brushing from every part of your scalp until you can draw the brush all the way to the tips of your hair without difficulty. After each stroke of the brush, use your free hand to smooth the brushed hair, to prevent static electricity.

  • On your next inhale, slowly rise up again - unfolding your spine bit by bit. Raise your hands high and gently bend over backwards to stretch. Flex your buttocks, activate your abs and push out your chest.

  • Enjoy the stretch of the front of your body for a few deep breaths. Feel your chest and your heart space opening up and allow yourself consciously open up for the day ahead. Visualize your day being filled with fresh energy, full of beauty and clarity!

  • Now, start brushing your hair from your forehead to the back and silently repeat: “I am glad to be here. A wonderful day awaits me today!”



If you consistently repeat this exercise, you can observe how your body becomes more and more flexible. (Please, however, do consult your doctor to make sure that this exercise is suitable for you.)

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