Activate joy and happiness within yourself

~ Your Sacred Ritual ~

To activate joy and happiness within yourself – combined with the application of our KESHAVA Hair Balm before brushing your hair.

Pour some KESHAVA Hair Balm into your hands, spreading it gently, and open your palms in front of your face. Close your eyes and allow the warm, flowery scent to flow through your body.

Put your hands in front of your solarplexus chakra and visualize your hands radiating golden yellow light into your chakra…. Revitalizing it, activating it and unlocking the energies of joy and happiness within your solarplexus. Repeat your mantra: “The energy of joy and vitality now flows through me.”

Now, slowly start circling your hands clockwise in front of your solarplexus, intensifying the joy and happiness within, until their gentle vibration warms up your solarplexus and spreads through your nervous system and entire body - all the way to the tips of your hair.

Feel your entire body fill up with joy and happiness and enjoy this wonderful moment! Stay in this energy, this consciousness and gently massage KESHAVA into your hair as well as the tips of your hair - and start brushing.