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Nourished by the love of your own inner mother

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Care Ritual for the Face

You can connect to your inner mother - just like to your inner child - by going within and feeling into your heart. This can be a deeply touching and moving experience that allows you to strengthen your self-confidence and recognize your ability to nurture and salvage yourself.

Step 1
“I open up”

with AMALA LOVE Face Cleanser (This ritual has been inspired by an Essene ritual)

  1. Pour and spread some AMALA LOVE Cleanser in your hands
  2. Open up your palms in front of your face; enjoy the delicate rose fragrance
  3. Hold your hands in front of your heart chakra and let your heart, too, be touched and softened by the rose fragrance
  4. Now foam the AMALA LOVE in your hands up with some warm water and begin to clean your face, preparing yourself to connect with your own inner mother
  5. Begin by gently smoothing out the area around your eyes, washing away everything you have seen
  6. Smooth out the area around your mouth, washing away everything you have said
  7. Finally, smooth out your ears, washing away everything you have heard
  8. Then, return to the heart chakra with your hands and lovingly cleanse your heart chakra as well
  9. In the end rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 2
“I encounter my inner mother”

with DEVA ROSE Face + Aura Mist

  1. Spray 2-3 splashes of DEVA ROSE onto your face, as well as all around you.
  2. Then spray 2-3 splashes into your hands, gently place your hands on your heart chakra and connect with the Divine Mother through the power of love in your heart; once you have encountered her, she will lead you to encounter your own inner mother.
  3. Immerse yourself into this picture, into this feeling, and allow yourself to find out what you want to say to your inner mother. Allow a conversation to emerge between yourself and your inner mother.
  4. Anything is allowed during this process and there is no right or wrong way of doing this: tears and sadness as well as feelings of joy, safety and comfort may come up for you. The loving energy of the rose accompanies this process, gently enfolding everything that comes up for you. The rose opens up a space in your heart where, finally, you can get into deep unity and harmony with your inner mother. 
  5. Then bow to your inner mother and in your heart repeat the mantra “I now experience harmony in my heart” for 1-2 minutes.

Step 3
“My inner mother’s love is nourishing me”

with DEVI ROSE Face Cream

  1. Put some DEVI ROSE Face Cream into your hands, spread it out and once more hold your hands in front of your heart chakra.
  2. Let the love and harmony, which you have felt in unity with your inner mother, flow from your heart into your hands and then put the cream on your face whilst your love is still pulsating in your Palms.
The products can make your face feel fresh, clean and nourished, smelling like a garden of roses! With the Sacred Ritual you can nourish the aspect of your own inner mother and you are making space for beautiful healing and growth. Just try it for yourself!

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