Valentines Body Massage


For yourself or your partner 

with Prema Gold Body Oil and Deva Neroli Face + Aura Mist

Prepare a beautiful space for your partner where you can give him / her a nice massage - make sure the room is warm enough and light some candles. Spray Deva Neroli around your space and allow the sweet, warm scent to spread.

Pour some Prema Gold Body Oil into your hands, gently spreading it, and open up your palms in front of your face to inhale the scent deeply. Apply some oil to your heart chakra and connect with your own love. Apply some to your solar plexus chakra as well and feel into your inner peace. Let go of everything that’s on your mind and open up fully to your partner.

Now ask yourself internally where the Golden Oil can best support your partner in achieving wholeness and unity with their Inner Being. Which areas want to be filled and and touched by the Golden Light of unity?

Start to massage these areas gently with Prema Gold, lovingly stroking your partner’s body and aura. Imagine Golden Light flowing through your hands and filling your partner’s body. Your partner may also repeat the mantra “I am one with my Self and perceive everything with an open heart.”

Take as much time as you like. To finish off, cover your partner’s body in blankets and let them rest and feel for a while. Spray some more Deva Neroli throughout the room, lighting and easing up the space.

In the same manner you can gift yourself with a massage, as a Sacred Ritual. Prema Gold Body Oil is also wonderful to use for daily nourishment of your skin and face. And Deva Neroli is a moisturizing, vitalizing face tonic and as aura and room spray it is great to light up the energy and spread joy and ease.