boost your joy and happiness

~ Your Sacred Ritual ~

Create a beautiful space for yourself and start the ritual by spraying DEVA NEROLI once on your solar plexus chakra (on the upper part of your stomach), once on your heart chakra (in the center of your chest), once on your face and once over the top of your head, with your arm stretched.

Close your eyes and open up all your senses to DEVA NEROLI. Allow yourself to feel the scent gently flowing through your body and lovingly wrapping itself around you. A warm, radiant feeling starts to fill your body at the same time, nourishing every cell, organ, bone, muscle and every other part of your body. Finally this radiant feeling expands through your body into your aura, until it touches your soul. 

Enjoy the stream and flow energy and smile as you repeat your mantra: I am abuzz with joy and happiness.