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Eternal Ocean of Love Sacred Ritual

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Create a quiet, safe space for yourself to sit down and then place Deva Nana-Mint, the Lavender Balm and the Jade-Sandalwood Bracelet in front of you. Light a candle if you like and give yourself the gift of putting your phone to airplane mode for this ritual. :)

  1. Spray Deva Nana-Mint around your body and aura for 3-4 times. Take the time to notice how it trickles into your aura and touches your skin as it centers and grounds you. Deeply breathe in the scent of Nana-Mint. Fill your belly and chest with your breath and the fresh vitality of the Deva water. On your exhale, release any tension and old baggage that doesn’t serve you.

  2. Now spray some Deva Nana-Mint on your forehead, your solar plexus, your root chakra and the soles of your feet. Find a comfortable position and repeat the following mantra for 2-3 minutes: “I relax and every cell of my body relaxes.” If you feel inspired, expand this little mediation and spend as much time here as you want. :)

  3. Next, open the Lavender Balm, inhale the calming scent and then apply a little bit of the balm to your wrists, like you would with a perfume. Take some more balm and massage your heart chakra for 2-3 minutes, circling clockwise. Repeat the mantra “My heart relaxes” during the massage.

  4. Spread some Lavender Balm in your palms and place your hands on your lower belly, where your navel chakra is located. You can also place one hand on below your navel and the other hand on your back in the same spot. The navel chakra is connected to our emotions and by relaxing your lower belly, you help calm down irritated energies. This helps you balance your emotions and connect to your own creative power with ease.

  5. Now, gently massage your temples and your forehead with the Lavender Balm to put your thoughts at ease. Enjoy the rhythmic movement of your massage. “My thoughts are at peace. My mind is empty.” If thoughts come up, simply let them go. When you’re done, spray some more Deva Nana-Mint around yourself.

  6. Spread some more Lavender Balm with a spritz of Deva Nana-Mint in your palms and place them on your heart chakra. Dive deep into the Eternal Ocean of Love that is always carrying you through the power of your heart. Enjoy simply being in this Ocean for 2-3 minutes, repeating the mantra “I am carried by love”. Relax more deeply, let go even more. And stay connected to this energy when you come out of your meditation.

  7. pick up the Green Jade-Sandalwood Bracelet. It’s like a small Mala for your wrist with an OM symbol carved into the big wooden coin. OM represents the sound of the Universe and brings peace and harmony to body and soul when you sign or repeat the mantra.

    Place the Bracelet over your fingers as shown on the image below and sign one OM for every bead - so a total of 28 OMs. Start with the pearl next to the big wooden coin and use your thumb to shift to the next pearl with every completed OM - until you arrive at the last one on the other side of the wooden coin.

    While you’re singing the mantra, your body begins to vibrate, creating harmonious flow within you and throughout your surroundings. Every OM allows you to dive deeper into the energy of the Eternal Ocean of Love, awakening and surrounding you with Divine love.

  8. When you’re done chanting, remain silent for a few minutes. Feel into the vibration and flow of energy in your body. Connect to your love and get grounded. The soothing energy of Jade on your wrist helps you center yourself in your heart and stabilizes your emotions. The sandalwood pearls connect you to your wisdom, your soul.

  9. If you experienced something upsetting or an argument etc, allow yourself to take another look at the irritating situation right now - coming from a place of peace and quiet and connected to your heart. Be open and receptive to impulses that guide you out of a stressful situation and cool down the fire with your Eternal Ocean of Love.

Eternal Ocean of Love Set:

Deva Nana-Mint Face & Aura Mist - Last summer, we arranged for this nana-mint to be planted especially for AKASHA SACRED. We harvested it by hand and distilled it in copper in the old, traditional way. This very special type of mint is both calming and at the same time refreshing. Most mint blossom waters are quite spicy and intense but this one is your perfect companion for summer - cooling and refreshing but also calming for your skin and your soul. Use it to refresh your aura and your face as a tonic or even drink it to cool down your body from the inside out.

Lavender Balm - With a beautiful, calming fragrance, you can use this balm for your lips or your skin - or you can even put it on your forehead to calm your thoughts and emotions during the fiery summer time. When the heat becomes too much and your emotions are too strong, the Lavender Balm helps you to calm down. Relax and release the tension of every muscle of your body and become fully present in the here and now - where everything you need is already available to you.

Green Jade-Sandalwood Bracelet - The green Jade pearls connect your heart to the green jade of Guan Yin, helping you center yourself in your heart and release fear and anxiety. The soothing energy of Jade stabilizes your emotions, makes you feel lighter and connects you deeply with your heart. The sandalwood pearls connect you to your wisdom, your soul. It is related to the akasha and helps you connect with your own personal book.

The whole set comes in a beautiful, premium bag made of soft, organic cotton that is designed to remind you of your true beauty.

You can get the exclusive Guan Yin Eternal Ocean Summer Sets (with products that have never been available before and that you can only get as part of the set) for 6900NTD!

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