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Reconnect With Your Feminine Power

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The moon symbolizes our female power. It is deeply connected to the female aspect and the water element within each of us and we are never separated from its gentle yet powerful energy. Its cycles greatly influence the feminine aspect within all of us as well as women’s cycles.

The loving vibration of the moon can support you in connecting with the rhythm of nature. Like in nature, there can be chaos and mess in your life, but the feminine energy of the moon can help to bring you clarity and power, to relax and trust the flow of life, until the shadows settle and become light again.

~ Your Sacred Ritual ~

Pour some Prema Silver Oil into your hands and bring your palms together in front of your heart center, allowing yourself to focus within for a moment. Open your palms and let the soothing fragrance of Prema Silver flow through your entire body on every inhale.

Place your palms on your lower stomach, your Hara, and connect with the feminine energy of the moon. Connect to the powerful moon energy as well as the element of water within you, as they both react to the phases of the moon. (If you would like to perform this part of the ritual directly on your skin, take some more Prema Silver Oil for the massage part that follows!)

Now, gently begin to massage your abdomen, rotating your hands clockwise. With every circle you draw with your hands, the moon energy within you becomes more powerful. Let the circles become smaller and smaller until your palms are once again resting on your Hara. Become one with the moon and enjoy the peace and relaxation that the powerful moon energy brings.

Feel into your body. Notice how you’re charged up with the powerful moon energy, how every cell of your body is being flooded with it. Repeat your mantra “I feel my feminine power. I become soft and feminine.” for 2-3 minutes, gently expanding the moon energy into your aura.

Now place your hands on your groins, gently stroking down your legs and hold the intention to let go of any stuck energies, bringing them back into flow and releasing them to mother earth. If you’re massaging directly on your skin, make sure you have enough oil in your palms.

Next, move on to the soles of your feet and massage them, stroking all the way from your heel to your toes in gentle waves. Stroke also in between your toes as well to activate the lymphatic system.

Spray some of the Iris Chakra Essence onto your aura, pumping about 2-3 times, and then spray some more onto your heart. Iris helps you to wash away the old structures that are holding you back from fully unfolding your feminine power.

After you’ve allowed the moon energy to relax you and stimulate your feminine power, it will be much easier for you to receive the new structures that the moon energy can activate for you, into your heart. Because your heart, your own love, holds the most powerful transformative energy and when you connect your feminine power to your love, you will be able to move mountains.

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