All of our skin care products combine the best in pure cosmetic science with the best in spiritual and energetic principles.

It’s the best of both worlds for your beauty, inside and outside. Elevating your internal frequency translates to elevating your external beauty. It’s our pure and natural version of “anti-aging.” When our chakras are in balance and in flow, our face radiates beauty.
All AKASHA Facial Care products feature: carefully selected ingredients to nutrient and balance the skin, cold-pressed oils to nourish the skin, and botanicals prized for their positive effects on the skin. 
For further ritual information, inspiration, and guidance, contact your AKASHA Sacred Ambassador, or refer to our Ritual page. To learn about our Manufacturing and Sourcing practices, visit Our Ingredients page.
Gentle Refreshment Cleanser
Immaculate Complexion Serum
Deep Renewal Face Cream
Heartful Balance Face Cream
Luxurious Moisture Face Cream
Nourishing Complexion Polish
Pure Renewal Mud Mask
Precious Moisture Lip Balm
Soothing Face & Aura Mist
Sensual Face & Aura Mist
Detoxifying Face & Aura Mist
Harmonizing Face & Aura Mist