A collection of powerful healing essences and oils to accompany you on your journey.


Harnessing the spiritual and energetic properties of carefully selected flowers and plants.
Inspired by the profound beauty of the natural world.
Designed to help us integrate and express our gifts and align with the love and unity arising on the planet at this time.
AKASHA Sacred Healing products can help balance our energies and emotions, or ground us, or cleanse our physical and spiritual bodies. All help us integrate change in a beautiful way.
Use intuitively or as guided by a healer or AKASHA Ambassador. Mix and match. Play. All are gentle. All are pure. And all are here for you, to be your friends.
AKASHA Sacred comprises four product lines:
Chakra Essences
Avatara Essences
Scented Avatara Essences
Plants are the bridge between the light spheres and the material world. They are messengers of the divine.
Let’s receive their gifts.