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I now feel the flow of warmth and vitality in my body.


Chiron represents the warm white light, which soothes and softens you, while it also carries immense strength and the pure feeling of being alive. The delicious, aromatic and steady duet of friendly tangerine and earthy vanilla comforts your senses.

You feel supported and accepted. The coldness of the soul and other parts of you, which do not feel alive, are gently being resurrected. Chiron brings each of us a unique gift. A part that has been missing and that can heal your inner wounded healer. Through this, you connect to your own healing qualities again. You feel embraced by life and ready, to embrace yourself.

Chiron is composed from organic alcohol combined with the purest natural essential oils, with 99% from certified organic agriculture.


Vegan. Free of animal testing.


15 ml


Apply this perfume using 1-4 spritzes per day, either as a general vapor sprayed around the body or applied to specific parts such as wrists, decollete or hair to enhance fragrance or to elevate vibrational frequency and mood.


Apply the Tara perfume to your wrists. Place your wrists behind your ears, where you can feel your pulse. Then, cross your wrists and place your hands on your chest. Stay here for a moment whilst repeating the mantra of your perfume.


Alcohol*, Parfum (partly*). (from natural essential oils: Limonene, Linalool, Coumarin, Farnesol) *certified organic agriculture

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