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Set of Tara Perfumes

Tara Perfumes

The five perfumes of finest natural essential oils are exquisite, yet pure and simple, they are invigorating, yet gentle. Dancing on the skin and with the soul, they are enhancing the unique beauty of the true self.


Sun, Chiron, Lilith, Setha and Venus are each carrying the energy of one of the 21 Taras. Taras are feminine buddhistic goddesses. As the names of the perfumes tell, their powers are linked to planets, as well as sounds, colours and light. 


Every scent comes, like all the AKASHA SACRED products, with a mantra, that helps you to dive deeper into the energy and qualities that are kissed awake by the Taras.

The AKASHA SACRED natural perfumes are composed from flowers and plants like rose, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla or orange blossom, that tenderly wrap us in their uplifting, seducing and soothing layers of wisdom. 


Made with love, care and essential oils with 91% of ingredients from certified organic agriculture. Vegan. Free of animal testing.


The set includes:


5x15 ml


Apply the perfumes using 1-4 spritzes per day, either as a general vapor sprayed around the body or applied to specific parts such as wrists, decollete or hair to enhance fragrance or to elevate vibrational frequency and mood.


Apply the Tara perfume to your wrists. Place your wrists behind your ears, where you can feel your pulse. Then, cross your wrists and place your hands on your chest. Stay here for a moment whilst repeating the mantra of your perfume.


The ingredients for each Tara Perfume in this set are found on the Tara Perfume page. There you can learn about each perfume's properties, ingredients and more.

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