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Because AKASHA SACRED products are very unique, it became clear, early on, that one of the best ways to help people use them to utmost benefit was to train counselors in spreading the message. It gives Sun Ya great joy to give people a way to be of service to others through the AKASHA SACRED experience (our exquisite products combined with our unique treatments), product friends, as well as to empower them through the business element of this service.

For those desiring further training in both the principles underlying AKASHA SACRED and further techniques and tools for use, we offer certification through our AKASHA SACRED Academy. Once certified, you become an AKASHA SACRED Ambassador, qualified to introduce others to the products and sell them. You are invited to take workshops, and certification courses in a variety of topics to advance to the Teacher level, too:

AKASHA SACRED Beauty Ambassador
AKASHA SACRED Beauty Teacher
AKASHA SACRED Chakra Essences Ambassador
AKASHA SACRED Chakra Essences Teacher
AKASHA SACRED Avatara Essences Ambassador

Visit our Trainings page for more details on each certification AKASHA SACRED offers. 

At AKASHA SACRED, a key component of our mission is to empower those who feel called to delve deeper into this work. At the advanced level, we train ambassadors to lead their own workshops, for utmost independence and freedom in their leadership and businesses. Certification through the AKASHA SACRED Academy offers an extraordinary opportunity for expansion, learning, and transformation. Being an Ambassador or Teacher can also be a profitable business for those who wish to pursue it as such.

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