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AKASHA SACRED makes your chakras shine. Altogether their colors blend into the shining rainbow of our creative life force. Our radiance awakens, our inner beauty reflects outward and our world reveals itself to us in a wonderful new light.

Originating from India, the teachings of the chakras include the knowledge about the subtle energy centers of our body. There are seven main chakras lined up from the base of your spine all the way to the top of your head which supply our body with life force energy, with Chi. They expand beyond our physical bodies and into our energetic bodies. Each chakra is associated with a certain color and essential qualities - like for example green for love and the heart or orange for courage and the navel chakra.

They store every single experience and influence our vitality as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing. If the chakras are blocked, it can result in physical problems or a variety of issues.

By focusing on our chakras, we can fully embody our power, expand into our true being and walk our path of life in total alignment with our soul.

This is why working with the chakras is one of the most crucial foundations for spiritual growth, personal expansion and physical wellbeing. AKASHA SACRED products support the lively flow of your chakras. This nourishes our beauty and radiance - on the inside and outside alike.

1 - Root Chakra
Color - Red
Qualities -Being grounded and centered - accepting life and our human nature - fire and sexuality - strength and being supported - nurturing and being nurtured
Location -Base of spine, enveloping the sacrum and genital area

2 - Navel Chakra
Color - Orange
Qualities -Creativity and creative powers - courage - sensitivity, joy and sensuality - inner connectedness
Location -Pelvis and lower back (includes all reproductive organs)

3 - Solar Plexus Chakra
Color - Yellow
Qualities - being at peace with yourself - the flow of life, also material flow - being radiant and seen - taking our own place and purpose, accepting our being - leadership
Location - Solar plexus and mid-back

4 - Heart Chakra
Color - Green
Qualities - unconditional love towards ourselves and others - compassion and forgiveness - healing - feeling wrapped up in love
Location - heart and chest area and upper back

5 - Throat Chakra
Color - Light Blue
Qualities - Self-expression - claiming your own space - freedom - detachment - manifesting and realizing visions - truthful communication - speaking with love
Location - larynx area, throat and neck

6 - Forehead Chackra
Color - Indigo
Qualities - awareness - perception of the invisible - (self) realization - universal wisdom, clear thoughts - a quiet mind and focus on the essentials
Location - Third eye and back of head

7 - Crown Chackra
Color - Violet
Qualities - Inspiration - connection to the divine, divine guidance - devotion - feeling loved and protected - being connected to the heavenly source - lightness and direction
Location - Above the head

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