AKASHA SACRED is about letting your inner rainbow shine again. When we connect to the beauty of red, the beauty of orange, and so on, we feel the colors of our lives more and more. This helps revive and renew our beauty and radiance.

One of the ways we connect to our inner rainbow is through the chakra system, which originated in India. Chakras are energy centers in the body. They each correspond to particular energetic qualities that are essential for our lives. The ideal state is for the energies of all seven chakras to be in balance. When something is out of balance in your life, it can effect the energy of one or more of your chakras, rendering your body and energetic system off balance. The chakras support the flow of chi throughout our systems as well as our overall health. Understanding and being aware of your chakras can be a powerful tool for healing and growth. The AKASHA SACRED products support the health and flow of the chakras. This nurtures both inner and outer radiance and beauty. 

There are seven main chakras. Each chakra is often depicted with circles, as each center is located in a particular area of the body, but its energy extends outward beyond the physical boundaries of the body, into the subtle body. In fact, the word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit.

Each chakra is also associated with a color that carries the energy and quality of that chakra. The chakra’s energy field is connected with a light, energy, and quality of that color, and it is often represented by a lotus flower in that color.


       - Red
      Qualities - Grounding, centering, nurturance, sexuality, trust
      Location - Base of spine/sacrum, extending forward throughout the genital area all the way to the pubis

          - Orange
          Qualities - Creativity, courage, sensuality, power to change, joy
          Location - Pelvis and lower back (includes all reproductive and digestive organs)

              - Yellow
              Qualities - Self-esteem, following your own life flow, power, peace, happiness
              Location - Solar plexus and mid-back

                  - Green
                  Qualities - Love, compassion, harmony, self-love, forgiveness
                  Location - Heart/chest and upper back
                      Color - Light Blue
                      Qualities - Self-expression, taking your own space, freedom, truthful action, realization of vision
                      Location - Throat and neck

                          - Indigo
                          Qualities - Intuition, perception, universal wisdom, awareness, clarity, insight
                          Location - Third eye and back of head

                              - Violet
                              Qualities - Inspiration, devotion, transformation, connection to the divine
                              Location - Above the head