Each AKASHA Collection includes a carefully selected collection of products offering an entree, illuminating or luxury AKASHA experience.


Our Luxury Body Face Care Collection is designed to bring your beauty journey to the next destination—your face. An illuminating collection curated for those already experienced with AKASHA Sacred, as well as for those brand new to the art & science behind botanicals. 

Included in Luxury Body

Amala Love Gentle Refreshment Cleanser
Deva Neroli Uplifting Face & Aura Mist
Amrita Glow Immaculate Complexion Serum
Devi Lotus Deep Renewal Face Cream*
Green Tara Pure Renewal Mud Mask

For its nourishing and renewing qualities, Devi Lotus has been chosen for Luxury Body. If you would prefer a different Face Cream included in your delivery, after you checkout and get your order confirmation, email us at and we'll gladly accommodate your preference here. Regretfully, other substitutions cannot be fulfilled.