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Our philosophy is simple:
Love for Mother Earth,
Love for All Living Beings,
Love for You.

Love is the greatest power in the universe. It has a tremendous capacity to heal and inspire us. This wisdom is already embodied in the earliest stages of our products - during manufacturing and sourcing. In every aspect of creation and operation, we are dedicated to a highly holistic, integrated process in alignment with our inner guidance — to cultivate and honor purity, love, beauty, and gentleness toward Mother Earth, the body and spirit.

Our products are fully aligned with these sacred spiritual values and composed in harmony with the natural rhythm of human body and the Universe. A beautiful heart loves, and radiates love. Why we created AKASHA SACRED to invoke this radiance of your heart. Our products are free from chemicals, synthetic or genetically modified resources and ingredients; they contain no emulgent or silicone, we never test on animals and part of our product range is even vegan.

We use the purest, most natural ingredients available. Whenever possible, our ingredients are grown in Certified Organic Agricultural Environments. We go to great lengths to carefully select only the purest and highest-caliber sources, and we work with growers who display the highest integrity and dedication to sustainability and purity. Our products carry the blessing of fire, which is pure love. Sun Ya energizes every product with a selected color and plant or flower essence to support the product’s healing impact on your chakras and energy system. Finally, all products are being blessed in a temple specifically created for this ceremony.

These are just a few of the many aspects that make AKASHA SACRED unique.

One more thing… Because our ingredients and manufacturing practices are extraordinarily pure and natural, our products can vary a bit in color and fragrance. It’s similar to the variation you might find among bottles of wine from the same grower. The sun and other factors make each grape, and each bottle, one of a kind.

If you'd like to know more about our products, click here to read our FAQs and get answers to the most frequent questions.


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