(more) AKASHA Woman

The AKASHA Woman imbues her everyday life with ritual consciousness. Each moment, each day, is a meditation, a prayer, and an offering to the divine within her and around her. We each have this capacity, and it is an essential part of what we are being called toward as a human race at this time in our spiritual development. If this seems lofty and faraway, its not.


For inspiration, look here . . .


This is a glimpse of the beginning of a day in the life of the AKASHA Woman. You, me, your sister, your mother, daughter, aunt, best friend, or grandmother‑we are all AKASHA women:


She sits up in bed and reaches for her Angel of Joy essence oil from her bedside table. She lovingly places a drop of oil on her breastbone and then one drop on the inside of each ankle. Finally, she slides her feet into her cozy slippers, and whispers a prayer of thanks for the fresh new day ahead. Then she stands, stretches a bit more, dons her robe, and drifts into her bathroom.


There, she ties up her hair and turns on some beautiful music. She sets an intention that anything that does not serve her for the day ahead be cleansed away, as she gently washes her face with Prema Love Gentle Cleanser. She then splashes her favorite Deva Face & Aura Spray on her face, followed by Deva Rose Moisturizing Cream, along with a prayer that all the nourishment and nurturance she needs throughout the day will come to her with ease and grace.


This kind of conscious movement through the start of her day sets the AKASHA Woman up for a connection with the divine and with her inner beauty throughout the day. She can also commune with her AKASHA Sacred products at intervals throughout the day if she wishes. And at the end of her day she can imbue her self-care with ritual and beauty just as she did at the start of her dayin whatever way works within the realities of her life on Earth. Some days shell have time for a long and leisurely wind-down to her day. Some days shell need to be more efficient and utilitarian. But she can always connect with the AKASHA Sacred energy, even in the midst of a rapid flow.


Remember, the AKASHA Woman is you and me. She lives on the Earth, in this day and age, within the opportunities and demands of this time and place. And she uses AKASHA Sacred as a powerful tool in her life as a spiritual being having a physical experience as a human being on this planet at this time.