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What does AKASHA SACRED mean?

Akasha is a sanskrit word, literally meaning ether or space. It refers to the universal library of knowledge which stores the path and wisdom of every soul - it’s the book of life. The Akasha contains the entire knowledge of the Universe from the beginning until the end. As such, it connects us to what was and what is yet to come in the future.

AKASHA SACRED’s intention is to remind you of your own wisdom, the unique and wondrous path of your soul. The products and rituals will gently yet powerfully guide you towards your connection to your own Akasha, your connection with your true Self. You will begin to remember who you are and that we all stem from the same source. This process will happen step by step almost effortlessly and yet tangibly.

The AKASHA SACRED products emerged from the universal flow of wisdom. In all formulas, rituals and trainings we blend together ancient and current knowledge regarding plants and energies, healing and beauty. Flower essences, essential oils, chakras and a holistic approach are just a few of the many ways in which AKASHA SACRED impacts and enchants.

AKASHA SACRED is an invitation to you to open your heart and get back into your own flow of life. Discover your soul and your sacred origin.

This brings us in touch with the big questions:

Why am I here?
What is my mission and purpose in this life?
What have I chosen to accomplish?

Together and in communication with each other, we begin to remember that there is no separation between ourselves and the divine spiritual world. We realize that angels, devas and other divine beings surround us. We experience that we are never alone. This beautiful knowing begins to blossom and manifest in our daily lives. Life becomes richer, more colorful.Our lives become richer and more colorful. More and more, we can feel and experience the colors, fragrances, and sounds of our souls.

In alignment with the timeless mission of AKASHA SACRED we have incorporated the Sanskrit language into our product names. “[It] is an immortal language; its voice is eternal; its call is through the centuries. It has embedded in it the basic sustenance from all the languages of the world.”

Discover AKASHA SACRED for yourself and begin to open the book of your life. With our products and rituals you can dive deep into the world of your soul whenever you want. The products will serve as friends, guides and lucky charms for you. They will support you on your path of rediscovering your innate wisdom and beauty.

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