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“Flowers are an expression
of divine beauty on Earth.”
Sun Ya Fischer

Who Is Sun Ya? A visionary. A healer. A teacher. A friend—and, of course, the original AKASHA Woman.

A little girl with an inherent love for nature and the flowers, strikes out on her own at sixteen, in search of greater wisdom.

She grows up to become a spiritual seeker and world traveler.

In the course of her travels, she reconnects with the beauty of Mother Earth, and at the same time rediscovers her own inner beauty, her own radiant heart.

Her path now lies clearly before her: to help others remember their own true beauty, their own hearts. Her medium? Bringing consciousness of the inner world into the intimacy of personal beauty care. Her tools? The plants and flowers, colors, energetic frequencies, the angels . . . and some of her own special secrets.

Her work evolves in tandem with her spiritual path. The purity of her devotion is matched by her dedication to purity in what she brings to the world of beauty.

Soon she marries the realm of beauty to the realm of the spirit, and AKASHA SACRED is born.

Her soul’s path takes her all over the world—North America, Europe, and Asia.

AKASHA SACRED has two heart homes: Germany and Taiwan.

Our heroine is now a spiritual leader in Taiwan, the land of the lotus, symbol of purity and beauty. And she continues to share her gift and message of beauty and love worldwide.

"Come join me on this path of the heart. Remember the beauty that you are. This is my expression of love. And I’m so grateful you’re here to receive it."

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