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Whenever possible, she rises without an alarm clock, in concert with her body’s and Mother Earth’s natural rhythms. Whether she lives in the country or city, in her heart she dwells amongst the flowers and the trees, the devas and the angels. Most nights she communes with the moon and the stars, even if just for a moment. Nature is her talisman, her north star, her beloved. She anoints herself daily with beautiful essences and oils that connect her to her true self. Everywhere she goes, she touches others with her inner light.

She makes conscious choices in how she spends her time, her money, her energy. Consciousness is a golden thread running through the fabric of her life. Her movements through her days are punctuated with ritual, bringing sacred awareness, ancient ceremony, and true beauty to the fore. She gives easily and generously, and she receives with ease all the resources and support she requires for her life and her creations. She is an expansive channel of creativity. She knows this and she celebrates it. She feels connected to the divine within her and around her.

Her relationships are uplifting, present, and intimate. She is living her purpose, on her divine right path. She is of this world but not bound by it; of this time but also timeless. She is the inimitable, the AKASHA Woman. Sacred Beauty. Sacred Presence. Sacred Love. 


The feminine is rising. All over the planet. Can you feel it? Can you hear its rhythm? The time is now. Join the tribe.

When we step into the flow, we remember who we are. And we greet one another with an open heart, recognizing our oneness and our sisterhood.

It comes in a glance, a moment, a laugh, a knowing. We are together. We are one. And we are rising, allowing, opening, expanding.

We are stronger together than alone. And we know the potency of the collective, of community. Because this is the feminine.

We go within when we need to, connecting with our innermost truths and intuitions. And we connect outside, with one another and with the world, bringing this beauty and wisdom out to uplift, to heal, to celebrate, to inspire, and to lead.

Like water dripping on a stone, slowly, slowly, one drop at a time, leaving a mark, softly and consistently, we leave our mark wherever we go.

We can trust our mark on the soul of the world. And we join together in this knowing, in this practice, in this rising of our tribe.

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