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A new school of Yoga for the Golden Age


How would you imagine a Yogini of our times? Yoga Lotus Tantra is dedicated to this question. She is free, she is connected to her own flow of life, she knows herself and her mysteries.

Yoga Lotus Tantra is a new and distinct approach to Yoga. It is born from the female stream of creation. It is born for these special times under the star of the rising energies of Shakti.

Bringing this new knowledge into the world, YLT founder Sun Ya Fischer is a spiritual teacher and deeply connected to the tradition of Yoga.

The transformative energy of YLT touches body, mind and soul. We, in our wholeness, are invited to tune into all that life has to offer. Yoga Lotus Tantra makes you feel energised, inspired by and in unity with life.


Why Yoga Lotus Tantra?

Yoga Lotus Tantra activates the tantric powers of life, that slumber in all of us. We don’t need a partner to awaken them. Yoga Lotus Tantra enables us to be touched by the oneness of creation, and to find unity within ourselves.

The Lotus imbues this Yoga with its qualities of depth, tenderness, truth and beauty, providing big healing properties.

The times we are living in are asking us to recognize ourselves and everyone around us in their true power. Yoga Lotus Tantra opens up the vastness of our own space, enabling us to evolve into our full magnitude. We learn to overcome duality, to meet life unconditionally and to be free of judgement.


Yoga Lotus Tantra an the 21 Taras

The Taras are goddesses that are worshipped in Buddhism. Nowadays they appear as companions of the Golden Age. The task of the Taras in Yoga Lotus Tantra is, to connect us with the female powers of abundance and with life itself, by awaking and strengthening the various aspects of tantra within us.


The Asanas: Seven Yoga Positions for Each Chakra

The Yoga Lotus Tantra comes with 49 asanas – seven body-positions for each of the seven chakras. Each asana is accompanied by its own mantra in Sanskrit. The asanas and mantras activate our energy centers and the related areas of our lives. They open us to a new flow of energy in our body and fill us up with Prana, the pure energy of life itself.


Meditations With the Sounds and Mudras of the Taras

Another part of the Yoga Lotus Tantra are the meditations with the Taras. Every Tara is connected to a planet and its unique, vibrating sound in the universe. This sound is toned by the yoga teacher and triggers a special vibration that opens the body, mind and soul for healing and unity.

Mudras (finger positions) enable us to dive deeper into the energies of the Taras. 

The interplay of these elements allows the cosmic breath of the universe to flow through Yoga Lotus Tantra. Heaven and earth unite within us.



Contents of the Yoga Lotus Tantra Teacher Training:

  • learning to instruct individual and group sessions
  • advising clients on life issues and personalizing yoga sets
  • knowledge of the the 49 asanas with their meanings, their mantras,and their relation to the chakras
  • the activation of tantric energies and the chakras
  • the qualities of the 21 Taras and their connection to the planets
  • healing with the sounds of the planets
  • the mudras of the Taras and their healing energies
  • a deck of cards with the 49 asanas and the 21 mudras
  • detailed worksheets
  • a YLT certificate issued by the Akasha Sacred Academy


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