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Healing Cards Set

49 Chakra Flower Cards

"Flowers are an expression of Divine beauty on earth" (Sun Ya)

The 49 Chakra Healing Cards open up a beautiful space for you to enter a conversation with your soul, discover where your life longs for transformation and allow you to connect to your core power. You can use them to receive messages from your chakras, helping you to understand which potential is waiting for you to be claimed and how.

Working with the Healing Cards will open up your consciousness and remind you to honor your soul’s desires and nourish your tender, sensitive heart.

In every set of AKASHA SACRED Healing Cards, there are 49 cards corresponding to the 7 chakras. For every chakra there are 6 different flowers or plants and 1 card of the pure color. The 49 Healing Cards have been energetically aligned to the precious stellar seed-information of flowers and plants bearing its unique vibration and life force. The cards make the wisdom of plants and flowers accessible for you to use in your everyday life. They allow you to align your chakras, creating a harmonious flow, so that you can blossom into your whole, Divine beauty and show up as your true Self.

The cards are easy to use and come with a booklet where you’ll find more explanations, different rituals and spreading techniques including how to cleanse your cards, what to do when you first use them and more guidance for you.


Included in the Set of the Chakra Healing Cards
- 49 Cards
- booklet
- stand-up display
- all together in a box



In the booklet you find detailed information on how to use the Healing Cards for the first time, as well as great spreading techniques to better understand your essence and to “enter a conversation with your inner being”. If you want to be supported in working with the Healing Cards, feel free to contact your AKASHA SACRED Ambassador for an individual session.


There are many sacred rituals you can perform using the Healing Cards, and to give you an example, here is the ritual on how to nourish your chakras with the Healing Cards: Shuffle the cards, spread them in a circle going clockwise and pull 7 cards while asking the question “which card is supporting my root chakra at the moment?”. Continue this process for every chakra until you’ve reached your crown chakra at the top of your head. Next, prepare a comfortable space for yourself and lie down on your back. Put the cards on your chakras, starting with the first one you pulled on the root chakra and then moving up - placing the next card you pulled on your navel chakra and so on. The last card, the card for your crown chakra, gently lean against the top of your head. Relax for 10-15 minutes in this position and enjoy the healing energy that flows through your chakras and your entire body.


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