Avatara Essence

01 - Fern

“I feel liberated from spiritual bindings, free to live what I truly am.”

All Avatara Essences accompany and guide us on our soul's journey toward freedom. Through working on the subtle spiritual bodies beyond the chakras, they assist us in accepting our divine potentials, cleansing our auras, and releasing spiritual bindings (including unresolved karma).

Feel free to read the affirmations for each Avatara Essence and use the essences that resonate with you the most deeply.

Akasha Sacred Avatara Essences are exclusively available with Akasha Ambassadors or in the Akasha Sacred Flagship store. We believe, that they unfold their powers best, when chosen with the help and consulting of someone who knows them very well. Please get in contact, if we can assist you.


Spray around your aura and on your palms. Then place your hands onto your heart or wherever they are guided to give healing and feel the vibration of Fern adjusting your energy field.


Aqua, Alcohol* *from certified organic agriculture


Sensual Face & Aura Mist
Scented Avatara Essence
Hydrating Body Dew