Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

16 - Foxglove

“My will and divine will are one, and I live in harmony.”

Our Chakra Essences are unique tools for healing and growth. Each contain the pure light wisdom of our plant friends. These essences are infused with the energetic frequencies of specific plants and flowers that open up our chakras like beautiful chalices to be filled with divine love. They reawaken the radiance of the colors in our aura, and they open up opportunities for us to go way beyond anything we have yet conceived. They facilitate our easeful transition into the Golden Age.

20 ml /


Spray into palms, place both hands on solar plexus, and let peace and power expand. You can also follow your hands to anywhere else on the body where they feel guided to go. And again, with your hands on that spot, breathe and connect to the energy flow.


Aqua, Alcohol* *from certified organic agriculture


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