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The Prema 7

Chakra Oil Collection

An elegant, boxed set of 10-ml bottles of the seven Prema Chakra Oils. Each oil corresponds to one of the seven chakras of the body:

The set includes 7 luxurious roll-on bottles and a travel-sized set of cards, with sacred rituals and information for each oil.



Prema Chakra Oils are ideal to combine with an AKASHA SACRED Healing face cream or body lotion. Simply blend a small amount of oil into your lotion or cream in the palm of your hand and then apply to your skin. You can choose an oil that brings in an energy you feel you need or desire that day, or go for whatever color you're attracted to in the moment. Or you can simply choose at random. Be playful, follow your whims, and experiment.


With the Prema 7 Chakra Oil Collection you will receive 7 cards that will guide you through the sacred rituals. You will find one card for each chakra, explaining the ritual step by step, including an affirmation as well as instructions on how to use the oil.


The ingredients for each Prema Oil in this set are found on the Chakra Care page. There you can learn about each oil's properties, ingredients and more.

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