Tara Perfumes

I am in love with my femininity.


With it’s blissful and radiant energy, Sun is taking you to a beautiful place of harmony and joy inside yourself. The blend of essential oils like blood orange, lemon, bergamot and rose kiss awaken a new, lighter flow of your female energy. At first fresh and tingly, it soon reveals a tender heart note, in which rose and bergamot embrace delicately.

Sun gifts you with the light of the Golden Age: it opens you up to the light that is within and around you. You feel in tune with your life flow as heaviness and sorrow start to vanish. You dive into an energy field where you realise, that everything around you is nourishing you. That is the new femininity: you vibrate with your surroundings, and your surroundings vibrate with you.

Sun is made of organic alcohol and the purest natural essential oils, with 99% from certified organic agriculture.


Vegan. Free of animal testing.


15 ml