Akasha Sacred Natural Cosmetics

Awakens your natural potential, your radiance and your beauty.

100% love and mindfulness

0% gmo materials and ingredients
0% synthetic fragrances
0% synthetic dyes
0% silicones


Experience owning velvety skin with our body oils.
The essential oil composition balances the chakras.

There is an exquisite serum, along with clarifying, activating masks and finest face creams. In the rose cream, you will find a little rose quartz!

And for your hair we have natural shampoos, a light hair balm and an ingenious boar bristle brush for you to have a healthy scalp and vital hair. Our natural hairdresser in our German hometown says: “Natural hair care starts with hair brushing.”

For you: on every product you find an inspiring message to experience more joy & love in life!

Sun Ya, in the middle, is our visionary. She creates the Akasha recipes and chooses the best and high quality organic ingredients.

Nils, on the right, creates our beautiful packages and designs. With his serenity and clarity he provides the space that our visions can become true.

By the way, they are mother and son.

And you see me on the left, Malira. My intention is that through tender moments of conscious, loving use of our products, people’s inner spaces become enlightened and alive.

What’s, Sun Ya is the one who infuses our products with a frequency that makes it so unique.

The frequency of our products touches you beyond amazing effects for your skin or hair.
This frequency touches you from the inside.

Inside means, it touches your heart.
It raises the awareness about yourself.
It brings out your potentials.
Your true beauty.

Your true beauty has nothing to do with rules someone outside of you set up.
It is not about comparing yourself with an inner image of an unreachable “Fantasy Self”.
It has nothing to do with principles of an ideal of beauty which others have created making you feel like you are not enough.

Because you are.
You are enough.
You are a divine being.
Everything is inside of you.
Already and has ever been.

This is beauty.
Enfolding your natural potentials enfolds your true beauty.
Being who you are brings out the most powerful beauty of yourself.

This is a way to create a fulfilled life full of beauty.
To create beautiful, nourishing relationships.
To be in a wonderful and lovingly relationship with yourself.

Akasha Sacred Natural Cosmetics awakens your natural potential, radiance and beauty.

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